Virtual Viewer 1.0-9 and Virtual Viewer Power Addon released!

Hi folks,

Two days ago I released Virtual Viewer 1.0-9, with following changes:

  • together with the Virtual Viewer Power Addon you are now able to power on, power off, reset, suspend VMs and to shutdown or reboot the guest OS!!
  • Datacenter View: you now have a „Refresh View“ option in the menu which reloads the current view
  • DataCenter View: you now see the cpu usage and guest memory usage of a VM
  • fixes a bug which crashes the Alarms View
  • updated Sessions View to match the other Views, and also shows motd if set
  • removed some queries, this should speed up the „fetching data“ process for some views
  • if a VM is suspended, it shows now correctly as suspended now and has a different icon

Oh and if you missed 1.0-8, it added support for VMWare Server 2!

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