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Windows XP mittels VMware Converter in VM umwandeln

Gerade wieder das Problem aufgetaucht, eine XP Maschine zu virtualisieren (ja, sowas gibt es nocht zuhauf!). Der Task des Convertes brach aber mit der vielsagenden Meldung „FAILED: Unable to create a VSS snapshot of the source volume(s). Error code: 2147754776 (0x80042318).“ ab. Das Problem ist nicht der Converter sondern Volume Shadow Copy vom Windows XP. Es …


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Linux VMware Tools

Der einfachste Weg die VMware Tools in eine Linux VM zu bringen ist es das Paket „open-vm-tools“ (in Ubuntu) zu installieren. Wird offiziell von VMware supported und ist einmal „apt-get install“ und fertig.

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Hide ESXi shell / SSH warning

When you have enabled SSH and/or ESXi shell on your ESXi box you get a very ugly message that warns you about this. You can get rid of this by selecting an ESXi, select „Configuration“ tab on the right, „Advanced settings“, „UserVars“, then scroll down to UserVars.SuppressShellWarning and set it to „1“.

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Virtual Viewer 1.31

1.31 is a very important update to Virtual Viewer. It fixes the following problems: fixes the problem where sending command was not possible with ESXi 4.1 (symptomes were 403 errors) AND this fixes also sending commands to ESXi 5 hosts! This means v5 of ESXi and vSphere is finally supported Thanks for the people who …


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Virtual Viewer 1.27 to 1.29 released

Just uploaded v1.29 of Virtual Viewer, heres a changelog what happend from 1.27 (yesterday) to 1.29: the snapshot addon is now builtin, no need to download it anymore! (also reduced the price of the power addon a bit) initial support for ESXi 5 (I had no chance to test vCenter 5 yet – may work …


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Virtual Viewer 1.13 released

Virtual Viewer 1.13 features: view recent tasks, finally initial german translation new version scheme (instead of 1.0-13 it is now 1.13) If you’re interested in translating Virtual Viewer in your language please contact me via software (AT) steffmeister (DOT) com, but be warned I won’t be able to give you something back except a big …


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Virtual Viewer 1.0-12

Virtual Viewer 1.0-12, 1.0-11 and 1.0-10 changes: profile manager at login Virtual Viewer Snapshot Addon, which enables you to take, revert and delete snapshots! crash fixes other small improvements Virtual Viewer is now also available via AndroidPIT (alternate market) which makes it available to many other countries!

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Virtual Viewer 1.0-9 and Virtual Viewer Power Addon released!

Hi folks, Two days ago I released Virtual Viewer 1.0-9, with following changes: together with the Virtual Viewer Power Addon you are now able to power on, power off, reset, suspend VMs and to shutdown or reboot the guest OS!! Datacenter View: you now have a „Refresh View“ option in the menu which reloads the …


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Steffs Todo App 1.3 and VirtualViewer 1.0-7

You may have already noticed it, I released updates of my free apps: Steffs Todo App and VirtualViewer. Steffs Todo App, a note taking app, an important update which finally makes it able to backup and restore notes from sd card. It contains other significant improvements too which you can read in the changelog in …


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Virtual Viewer 1.0-6 released

Again, a minor bugfix release with some smaller features: Fix wrong virtual machine name and power state when a vm is selected Fix wrong parent object detection, this should fix some exit-to-login situations while in inventory view Password is now saved on login if enabled in preferences (at login hit menue) Attempt to fix out-of-memory …


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