Revert HTC Dream (G1) to original firmware

Guid for european phones only! It worked for me, but I don’t give any kind of warranty!

After some time using the alternative firmware CyanogenMod I wanted to test the original T-Mobile ROM again. Later I was forced because my phone wasn’t able to boot anymore because I flashed a wrong firmware.

The Wiki on CyanogenMod got me started: First thing is to check which bootloader is installed

  • Power off phone, power on and hold Power and Camera button
  • you should end up in a four colored screen and a text saying: VER: HBOOT-0.95.0000, if this is the case you have the original and right bootloader and you can skip to the next points
  • Download original bootloader, copy it on the sd card and power off the phone
  • Power on phone and hold Power and Home button, you should end up in the recovery menue, select „apply any zip from sd“ and choose the just downloaded zip, wait until it has finished and reboot the phone (Home and Back button), check the bootloader again according to the first step

Flash original Dream image

  • Download DREAM image and copy it on your sd card (don’t rename)
  • power off phone, power on and hold Power and Camera button to launch the recovery menue, press the track ball.
  • Wait until it has finished
  • Reboot the phone (press Power, Back and Call button at the same time)

The phone is now in its original state (factory defaults).

After that I have to get to Android 1.6 again. This is possible with the manual upgrades:

That’s it. You can check your version under Settings -> About phone -> Firmware version. It should say 1.6, and your build number should say DRC92.

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