Steffs Todo App 1.3.1

Steffs Todo App version 1.3.1 is an important update:

  • fix oversized app logo at main view, which made the app totally useless since 1.3 on newer devices … sorry
  • fix crashes when adding / editing items if certain characters were entered

You should update as soon as possible if you’re using this app.

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Virtual Viewer 1.13 released

Virtual Viewer 1.13 features:

  • view recent tasks, finally
  • initial german translation
  • new version scheme (instead of 1.0-13 it is now 1.13)

If you’re interested in translating Virtual Viewer in your language please contact me via software (AT) steffmeister (DOT) com, but be warned I won’t be able to give you something back except a big ‚thank you‘.

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Virtual Viewer 1.0-12

Virtual Viewer 1.0-12, 1.0-11 and 1.0-10 changes:

  • profile manager at login
  • Virtual Viewer Snapshot Addon, which enables you to take, revert and delete snapshots!
  • crash fixes
  • other small improvements

Virtual Viewer is now also available via AndroidPIT (alternate market) which makes it available to many other countries!

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Virtual Viewer 1.0-9 and Virtual Viewer Power Addon released!

Hi folks,

Two days ago I released Virtual Viewer 1.0-9, with following changes:

  • together with the Virtual Viewer Power Addon you are now able to power on, power off, reset, suspend VMs and to shutdown or reboot the guest OS!!
  • Datacenter View: you now have a „Refresh View“ option in the menu which reloads the current view
  • DataCenter View: you now see the cpu usage and guest memory usage of a VM
  • fixes a bug which crashes the Alarms View
  • updated Sessions View to match the other Views, and also shows motd if set
  • removed some queries, this should speed up the „fetching data“ process for some views
  • if a VM is suspended, it shows now correctly as suspended now and has a different icon

Oh and if you missed 1.0-8, it added support for VMWare Server 2!

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Steffs Todo App 1.3 and VirtualViewer 1.0-7

You may have already noticed it, I released updates of my free apps: Steffs Todo App and VirtualViewer.

Steffs Todo App, a note taking app, an important update which finally makes it able to backup and restore notes from sd card. It contains other significant improvements too which you can read in the changelog in Android Market or on the project page.

VirtualViewer, an app to retrieve informations from a vCenter or ESX/i received a minor update to view „hosts and clusters“ and „datastores“.

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Virtual Viewer 1.0-6 released

Again, a minor bugfix release with some smaller features:

  • Fix wrong virtual machine name and power state when a vm is selected
  • Fix wrong parent object detection, this should fix some exit-to-login situations while in inventory view
  • Password is now saved on login if enabled in preferences (at login hit menue)
  • Attempt to fix out-of-memory and other crashes
  • Inventory view now shows more information about a VM: RAM, vCPUs, tools status and ip address
  • Don’t show Alarms view when on ESX/ESXi, this seems to be a vCenter feature only

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Virtual Viewer 1.0-5 released

1.0-5 fixes following bugs:

  • The app should now work with Android 2.2 (connecting always failed with older versions of the app)
  • Inventory view now shows running machines without VMWare tools correctly as powered on
  • Fixes the crashing alarm view from 1.0-4

And introduces these two features:

  • Improved alarms view
  • If a „message of the day“ is set the message is shown now in the details view (vcenter only for now)

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Virtual Viewer 1.0-4 released

I just uploaded v1.0-4 of Virtual Viewer to Android market, which brings at least one exciting improvement:

  • Inventory View!! The former datacenter view has improved vastly, you can now dig into the folders and view your virtual machines and templates and view status and informations.
  • A new sessions view which allows you to see who’s connected to your host.
  • Fixed a bug which fixes some weird behaviour when connecting to a vCenter, and then connecting to a ESX box.
  • Some code clean-ups and other things I can’t remember.

As usual, for more information see the Virtual Viewer project page, and please consider donating to keep this project alive.

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Virtual Viewer 1.0-3

So I released v1.0-3, which brings a few fixes and improvements. Whats new?

  • Better error handling (and messages) when connecting
  • Fixed the error message when pressing the back button
  • „Loading…“ note, when opening a view
  • Password is not necessary anymore (for insane setups)
  • Fixes for handling ESXi 4.1
  • Fixed some strings, modified login screen, new app icon

I promise the next release will bring some more exciting changes.

I updated the project page, and created a FAQ page, which hopefully clears some questions up.

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Virtual Viewer 1.0-2

I just wanted to mention that I released an update for my android app Virtual Viewer: 1.0-2

Virtual Viewer lets you login to a VMware vCenter or to an ESX and retrieve some informations for you.

The update comes with an inital Alarms and Datacenter view.

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