Jun 23

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Selfmade TYPO3 backend modul: scrollbar problem

While programming a typo3 extension I came across the following problem: my backend module didn’t show any scrollbars. This made it impossible to scroll down to the end of a list to view all elements.

After some looking around I found the CSS class typo3-mod-php which has set the property „overflow“ to „hidden“. Seems to be ONE of the bad one to me. I don’t think it is the only reason.

To fix the problem for me I added following code to the moduleContent() method in my backend module:

$content .= „


It’s not perfect, but it’ll have to fit until I have found something better.

Permanentlink zu diesem Beitrag: http://techblog.steffmeister.at/selfmade-typo3-backend-modul-scrollbar-problem/

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