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Android SDK and AVD Manager and Proxies

Finally I figured out how to use the Android SDK and AVD manager with a proxy… I configured it correctly in Eclipse and it worked without problems but the manager does NOT honour these settings!

The solution is to start the SDK and AVD manager stand-alone, just change to your Android SDK directory, subdirectory tools and start „android“ (or android.exe on Windows I guess). The manager opens with a new „Settings“ section on the left side.

It takes a host name and a port, and you are able to force it to use http instead of https. It seems there is no option to use authentification so you would have to whitelist https://dl-ssl.google.com on your proxy if you have the ability.

I found the solution on stackoverflow.

Permanentlink zu diesem Beitrag: http://techblog.steffmeister.at/android-sdk-and-avd-manager-and-proxies/

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